Gamers have been travelling through unknown dungeons for years and loving every minute of it. Life simply doesn’t get much better than fighting off a horde of Orc, finding rare weapons, and leveling your character up all in an afternoon. Super Dungeon Run is a new dungeon crawling game that puts a new spin on the classic formula in which the game is more fast paced and addictive.


You begin Super Dungeon Run with run down group of peasants. Let’s just say that these peasants are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp and it will make for some very interesting gameplay right from the start. Most games that we play we have strong that we can run with and that tends to make the game easier, it is quite a new game when you have a bunch of weak, unintelligent characters to play with. Playing as a peasant you have only one desire within the game and that is to get as much loot as possible.

The goal of Super Dungeon Run is a simple one: make it through miles of dangerous dungeons and escape with your group in tact to the next level. During your time in the dungeons, you will encounter dangerous enemies like the necromancers and goblins. As you group of peasants travel the dungeons they will be forced to make many decisions that can leave them without their precious loot or a worse fate!


Not only does this game have enemies to deal with but dangerous traps as well. You will find spinning blades, cannons, spiked barrels, and arrow traps all trying to stop you merry band of peasants. These traps can be quite a difficult task for a group of somewhat unintelligent peasants. It will be quite interesting to see how well a large group will be able to deal with this situation.

The levels you encounter in Super Dungeon Race are procedural in nature which means you will never have the same dungeon twice. I am always fond of games that use procedural generation as they make gameplay more exciting and allow for a lot of replay. You are going to encounter many types of dungeons and exciting loot that will keep you coming back for more. Really, is there anything better than exploring creepy vaults and dark cellars?


While on your adventures in Super Dungeon Run you will come across three different chests. If you want to equip your character with better outfits and equipment to help them survive longer, look for the spiky red chests. The outfits you find in these chests will turn your peasants into unique heroes. By removing their old clothing and taking the outfits contained in these chests will turn your peasant into a mage, knight, or even a fearless archer Potions such as restore life are always invaluable resources in these games and they can be found in the blue chests. And if you are looking to get really rich in this game be on the lookout for the gold chest as they contain pure gold.

As the game progresses and you find yourself deeper and deeper in the dungeons you will notice that it get increasingly harder to keep your peasants alive. The positive note is the longer you have a particular character the stronger they will become throughout the game. As with most dungeon games, it is important to always be leveling your characters up and equipping them properly so they can survive more dangerous and complex levels.


While there are many dungeon games available on the market, Super Dungeon Run has made some interesting improvements. I really enjoyed the twist of starting out a game with essentially weak and unusable characters and transforming them into valuable characters. There is no worry in ending this game too soon as you will be busy try to equip your characters and turn them into heroes. In addition, with this being a procedural level generation game and full of unique enemies and environments, I would say you will be pretty biusy playing Super Dungeon Run.

Super Dungeon Run on Steam

Super Dungeon Run’s website


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