Us gamers have never been so spoiled for choices. With the rise of the e-sports scene, the popularity of gaming equipment and availability for selection has just exploded. Though it doesn’t have to entirely be frivolous spending (maybe…) but maybe a new mouse is something you might be after.

Myself, I am a believer that it’s not about the equipment that makes a gamer better but rather the time invested, but of course the equipment does bring you advantages that you can’t deny. Especially during a game of Call of Duty, Battlefield or League of Legend, if you play on the PC you will always want that extra advantage over the next guy.

It’s even worst if you have thrown money into a pimped out overclocked rig that is water-cooled with neon lights and is nuclear powered (you can do that now right?). In this sense you have no excuse not to have bad-ass gear to accompany your bad-ass rig.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

First, we have the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, featuring a nice comfortable shape great for long sessions. It also has textured grips with 11 programmable buttons for the people who likes to mess with shortcuts and macros. We all know how useful it is in MMORPGs and LoL. What’s great about this particular mouse is its not specialised into any one genre of gaming, it can handle everything just find. That’s really good news for general gamer as you won’t need to purchase gear for each genre of game you play (who does this anyway?).

The weight of the mouse is adjustable, very similar to other Logitech mice. From reports of users, people say that the scroll wheel feels almost entirely frictionless. The mouse comes with Logitech’s Gaming Software which will scan your computer for video games and assign appropriate profiles to them to maximise your ass kicking.

Logitech G502 on Amazon


Razer Naga Epic Chroma

Literally the king of MMORPG, I bought this one a while back and used it for a good while. If you are a fan of WoW or any other types of MMORPG then consider the Naga Epic Chroma as it comes with 12 numbered buttons on the side that give you access to the huge row of skills stretching across your screen. An update from the previous model, this one can let you can control the color scheme, nice little aesthetic touch to match your rig.

Razer Naga Epic Chrome on Amazon



Corsair Vengeance M65 Performance

The Vengeance M65 is an FPS beast and is reserved only for the hardcore veteran of FPS. Forget extra programmable buttons, those only get in the way on the battlefield, what you need is comfort and precision. After all landing headshots is already hard enough on low DPI, you don’t need extra distractions to keep you busy from kicking ass. It does come with programmable buttons but they are nicely tucked away so they don’t get in the way, it also comes with a “sniper mode” which will slow down the DPI to let you land hits more accurately.

For those that are looking for a fine-tuned experience, the mouse also comes with 3 adjustable weights and you can switch between 3 different DPIs on the fly with simple button presses. It is also good as a general mouse as the M65 is excellent in general.

Corsair Vengeance M65 Performance on Amazon


Razer DeathAdder Chroma

If you are a fan of RTS games, true victory is measured in how fast you can react to environmental changes on the battlefield, that or its how well you can remember the keyboard shortcuts. This is why a mouse that is ergonomic and basic is vital to your success. You don’t need a mouse that is clocked up with features, the Razer Death Adder Chrome comes with a basic sleek, curved design that will fit nicely in all types of hands. This version of the mouse comes with just about any color you want, so yes you can match it up with everything else.

Razer Death Adder Chroma on Amazon


Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime

Another great mouse is the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime, excellent for MOBA games. League of Legends and Dota like games again don’t need so many buttons, that is why Logitech have noticed this necessity and delivered a fantastic product that is designed for just MOBA lovers. This mouse comes with just about everything you need without it being too complicated to use. It features extremely springy and responsive buttons that is designed to keep the hand from detaching from the mouse. The mouse is also pretty damn cheap as well.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime on Amazon


Turtle Beach Grip 300

Here’s a brand you don’t see every day, Turtle Beach, previously famous for their headphones have recently moved into selling mice it seems (or at least I think so?). Well, if you are one of those people asking, “what can I buy for $40 or less” then this mouse is perfect for you. The Grip 300 is simple, elegant and extremely attractive with its sexy minimal red. Coming with a really accessible price tag for a good bundle of functionality, you can’t really complain. It is well suited for FPS, RTS and any other genres that is good on low DPI.

This mouse is not going to be recommended for pros anytime soon, but its a great started mouse or perfect for casual every day use at a small price tag.

Turtle Beach Grip 300 on Amazon


ROCCAT Kova[+] Max Performance

This mouse is really interesting in the fact that is can support both left and right handed gamers. Not many mouse are designed with left handed players in mind, meaning that you have to go around and pick them quite carefully, but the ROCCAT Kova + does this job very very well. I am not a left handed person myself, but judging from the feedback left by other gamers, it seems this mouse is perfect for that. It comes with 7 programmable buttons, quite accurate sensitivity adjustment software and 7 different colors of LED lights for customisation.

ROCCAT Kova[+] Max performance on Amazon


Sensei Wireless

I hate wireless mice, let’s put this out there. We all know how annoying it is when you are about to land a kill blow and your mouse messes up, not cool. But the Sensei Wireless is something different entirely, delivered by Steel Series, the Sensei is a beast when it comes to delivering outstanding wireless performance. It comes with a responsive dock that track the battery life of the mouse, you will never run out of battery again. In terms of design, it is smart and ambidextrous, it also makes great use of the Steel Series Engine software.

The Sensei is not cheap, but rest assured if you are prepared to invest, you will be paying for spotless reliability. It is not easy finding a great wireless gaming mouse like the Sensei, and you won’t need to anymore after buy it.

Sensei Wireless on Amazon


Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Ergonomic

If you watched the E3 2015 reveal, you will notice the new upcoming Razer Mamba. Offering an impressive amount of customisable features, this medium-sized legend will keep you at the top of the scoreboard. Ok, so that’s not a promise, but it will definitely help. It comes with 9 buttons for you to play with and available in either wireless or wired. What’s unique is that each of these buttons have 14 additional adjustable resistance settings adjusted by an included screwdriver. The mouse has 15 LEDs that can be customised to any color scheme you want, even rainbow if you want to.

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition on Amazon


Razer Taipan Expert Ambidextrous

The Razer Taipan is particularly unique because it is widely compatible with Mac gamers. Gaming on an Apple device is becoming more popular every day, that is why Razer have designed a mouse that is “Powered for Mac”. To be honest, all Razer mice works well on Mac as well as PC. This particular one is a great compact mouse that will fit for all purpose gaming.

Razer Taipan Expert Ambidextrous on Amazon



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