V8ORS – Flying Rat is a one of a kind arcade game that you can rarely find out there, because it manages to provide a set of impressive shooter controls as well as a multitude of interesting challenges along the way. This top down shooter game has endless levels, which means that the replay value is immense and the only thing stopping you is the way you play.

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Enemies are fun to battle and quite challenging

Survival of the fittest is at its best here, because you have to work hard in order to kill all your enemies the best way you can. The high scores are shown in the leaderboards and you have to try and defeat them the best way you can. This is something that requires a lot of planning and attention on your side, but the results are indeed impressive.

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Controls are hard to master but really nice

If you are a fan of motor vehicles, then the thought of controlling a plane ran on a V8 engine and the entire experience you can obtain here is action packed, showing the prowess of indie gaming at its finest. Heroes in this game are very powerful, however you do need to pay attention to the abilities shown by the enemies, because there are plenty of them out there and you have to be certain that you can take them down.

What makes V8ORS – Flying Rat amazing is its simplicity, because it stays true to the 8-bit origins and it doesn’t really hamper the simplicity aspect. Instead the game is refined and really cool to play, with lots of nice ideas here and there.

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V8ORS – Flying Rat does have power-ups as well

Aside from shooting enemies left and right, you do get a power-up when you reach 2000 points, and this allows you to improve your current firepower. The experience manages to spruce up quite nicely as you play and even if the game can be very challenging in time, the reality is that the experience is very refined and filled with quite a lot of potential here, that’s for sure.

The visual style in this game is very appealing and overall you will find yourself exploring some nicely designed worlds which is an impressive thing on its own. While the enemies aren’t that varied, there’s always a lot of potential in them because they have great attack strategies and the patterns are hard to figure out, something that enhances replayability in multiple ways.

It might be a simple game and one that doesn’t focus a lot on the complexity of the gameplay, but V8ORS – Flying Rat delivers a fun, solid and extraordinary experience unlike never before. Shooting is great in this game, and so are he controls, not to mention that the overall experience is pretty intense and a lot of fun. V8ORS – Flying Rat is indeed a game for classic top shooter lovers, but it does provide enough content and media for all gamers. Give it a shot right now and you will not regret it, this is a very good game that you will love playing for sure!


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