Vampires: The New Birth is a Western visual novel influenced by Gothic tale and anime style art. If you are a fan of manga or anime, then you are probably familiar with visual novels. Basically, a visual novel is an interactive game, where the player makes narrative choices along the story. And the main activities of player are usually to click to read the text, choose between sentences, and enjoy the background music as well as the storyline.

The protagonist in this game is a newborn vampire named Vinette who is struggling against the challenges of losing everything she ever knew and becoming a mysterious creature of the night. She has to learn how to turn humans into her dinner, looking for her next prey in the nightclubs, and learn the way to protect herself from other fellows or vampire hunters The storyline has a familiar pattern since vampire-related stuff is popular these days. But the game demo still gives some intriguing details, so I think we can hope for a great story when the game will be officially released.

Through the demo, I could notice there is an XP line on UI. So I assume there might be some RPG elements in the gameplay. And I think that will definitely make the game more interesting. Maybe some quick time events by mouse drawing in action scenes, for example. Besides that, the gameplay seems to be quite simple. Left click to skip dialogue, right click to open the save menu. These are useful commands for playing.

I personally would like to compliment the background music in the game. It’s distinguishably good. The soundtrack matches perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. Honestly, the art looks good enough for a budget indie game, however, it fits the game concept well. The game is not released yet so the developers still have a chance to make some changes in this department. And that’s probably what they do now.

So far, this is all I can tell you about Vampires: The New Birth. If you are into vampire stories, no matter if you are a gamer or not, we advise you to try game’s demo and find out yourself if you should buy it or not when it will be released. But now, all we can do is wait. We at Pixel Empire would love to write a more detailed review after the official release of the game.


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