Void Expanse is an open-world, science fiction action-RPG set in the vastness of space. It is an indie game like all other games on Pixel Empire and is developed by Atomic Torch Studios. We also recently did a feature on Space Rogue which is another sci-fi spaceship faring game, however that was similar to Faster than Light and Void Expanse is something different entirely.

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First Impressions

My first impression of the game was good, jumping straight from Space Rogue and other sci-fi games I was playing, the mechanics in Void Expanse felt natural when picking up for the first time. There were some controls that needed getting used to like the auto pilot mode but other than that everything else was normal. Mining is a bit of a pain to perform because you have to be stationary to do that, combining with the gravitational effects and other game physics it actually was quite a pain to fully stop in space (unless there is something obvious I am missing).

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Fun but lacks in-depth content

Void Expanse truly is a fun indie game to play, but after dedicating a good day or so to it you will quickly run out of meaningful content to play. This game is no longer in early access and is constantly being updated to add more content but I feel that if the indie game is not in Steam early access then it should not lack content. In addition to this, taking into consideration that the game lacks late game content, I personally feel the price tag is slight higher than what it should be. This has also been backed up with reviews and comments left on Steam.

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Diverse profession gameplay

I thoroughly enjoy the large range of professions available to play in Void Expanse. I started as a trader where I quickly bought my way into victory but of course that’s not the only way you can win. In addition to professions, weapons, armors are all very well diversified and is fun to explore.

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In general

Void Expanse is an interesting addition to the open world sci-fi genre however it needs more work to be done on the actual content available. Many reviewers on Steam are not recommending the game because of this lack of content but I feel that Atomic Torch Studios will be providing the game with more content as they are available.

As for now, my own recommendation is to put the game on your radar and wait until more updates come.

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