Imagine drifting endlessly through space, trapped in the shell that used to protect you, cursed to forever navigate the unforgiving void. Voidrunner promises to deliver a surreal flight experience powered by the Unreal Engine 4, backed up by a team of Deus Ex composers. Not only is there a strong AAA quality visual appeal, the developers (Reality Arts) also placed a strong focus on audio experience which seems to weave into the game very well at the moment.

Voidrunner is currently on Kickstarter and is looking for support from the general indie game community to get funding.

voidrunner-indie-game-pixel-empire 2
Looks like there might be a lot of crashing involved when we play this game…

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Voidrunner is an interactive movie

Yes, you heard me right, and here is an extract from the Kickstarter campaign to back that up “Voidrunner is originally based of a large setting we created for our motion picture projects”.  So yes, Voidrunner started as fragments of cinematic projects culminating together and went down the indie game route. From the screenshots and gifs, this idea of the indie game being a movie also bleed through with its beautiful AAA graphics & top-notch quality music.

Amazing interior to exterior space flight transition

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Space Flight MOBA

One of the interesting features listed out by the developers is their multiplayer online battle arena style combat intergrating with a space flight twist to create a unique MOBA experience. Though it does sound extremely interesting, I am personally unsure how this will turn out, we will just have to wait and see when more information is available.

League of Legends on steroids?

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Virtual Reality Intergration

According to the Kickstarter campaign, Voidrunner is a blend of “Race the Sun meets Star Wars™ Rogue Squadron” and is branded as a fast paced combat racing flight game. Seeing from the gifs and screenshots provided to us from both Kickstarter and through the press kit it would seem they are heading head first into intergration with virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift. This is to be elaborated further prior to testing with the VR equipment, according to the press kit, this will be announced with augmented reality enhancements soon.

What does this all mean? well if you are a fan of 1st person spaceship racing experience like from Star Wars, then Voidrunner is probably a good bet going forward.

Just look at that beautiful design!

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Release Date

Voidrunner is currently in Alpha and is planned for a debut sometime around the second quarter of 2016 on a multitude of platform including PC, MAC, Linux, PS4 & XBOX. It is unsure if multiplayer MOBA will be available for cross platform matchmaking.

If you are a sci-fi fan or enjoys flying spaceships in games like FTL, Space Rogue & Void Expanse then you should definitely give Voidrunner a look.

Beautiful landscape of a bazaar in a desert environment

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