We received this submission via our form and it immediately reminds me of Beach Head 2000. Personally I spent a lot of time in my child hood playing Beach Head so Zombie Annihilation naturally was a big nostalgia for me.

Personal stuff aside, Zombie Annihilation is a product from Toby Reeno part of the WTF games group (WTF stands for What The Fantastic not…the other one), all links included below for further exploration. In general, it is a nice humble little indie game which meets its purpose. Below is a little trailer video:

So yes, it does remind me a lot of Beach Head 2000, where you defend your little outpost from enemy armies. However, that’s where the similarities end though. You do sort of have a bunker and there is a line to defend, but it’s not humans or armies you are shooting at, it is ZOOOMBIES. And the best part is you have access to missiles, tanks and really expensive military toys to help you. After all, if the zombies get to a near by city, who knows how much that will cost!


The controls in this game is well thought out and being based on the mobile (Android only) it optimises for the hand held playing experience pretty well. Though a small game, it has already managed to gather a few 5 star reviews on the Android market, which is always a great start for any aspiring indie games looking to penetrate the market.

Self described as a top-down defense action game, Zombie Annihilation does well to fit into the category and is the perfect time burner if you enjoy a shooter/defense game.

Website for WTF Games Group

Twitter for Toby R (and Zombie Annihilation)

Facebook for Zombie Annihilation

Android store to download Zombie Annihilation


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